Flatbed Trailer Rental Tips

Renting a flatbed trailer is the easiest way to transport commercial home equipment, supplies and any other heavy or bulky materials quickly and efficiently. You can also use flatbed trailers to transport furniture and boxes while moving as long as you can secure them to the trailer’s floor or if you rent a trailer that comes with sides.

flatbed trailer rentalflatbed trailer

Even if you can’t find a trailer that already has everything you need, you can purchase additional storage and transportation supplies at relatively inexpensive rates. Most rental companies carry a wide selection of accessories including flatbed trailer ramps, cardboard boxes of all sizes, ropes and towing dollies. With so many different options, deciding on the type of flatbed trailer rental you should get really depends on your personal preference, needs and budget.

One of the most common reasons why people need flatbed trailers is to get heavy equipment rentals safely to their houses. Maintenance and construction equipment like wood chippers, drills, forklifts and generators are very large and heavy, so you need to rent a trailer to get them to your house or job site if you don’t own your own truck. In that case, it’s a good idea to specifically look for a company that specializes in both commercial equipment rentals and flatbed trailer rentals. Renting everything you need for your project in the same space will save you money and time in the long run. Just remember that the type of equipment and supplies you need to get will determine the flatbed trailer dimensions you need to look for to tow everything to your house safely.

If this is your first time looking for a flatbed trailer rental, it’s a good idea to ask the professionals at your local truck and equipment rental company for help. They can help you make the best choice based on the scope of your project. Mention what you plan to use your trailer for, how long you need to keep it and how much you can afford to spend on its overall price. Keep in mind that you can get a flatbed trailer rental one way if you need to travel long distance. If you are using your trailer to transport heavy equipment or furniture, ask for matching flatbed trailer ramps. If you are getting everything you need from the same company, you might want to inquire about discounts or special offers for big orders. Some companies offer customers incentives to stick with them for all of their equipment and vehicle rentals.

Make sure that you understand all terms and conditions when signing your flatbed trailer rental contract. All details should be clearly spelled out including all applicable rates as well as the conditions and the length of the rental. If you are getting a flatbed trailer rental one way, ask about the return procedure. Also, be sure to discuss any late fees that might be incurred if you return your rental later than the agreed upon time. If you need to rent a trailer to transport equipment for a construction or a home improvement job, think about purchasing your own flatbed trailer to save money in the future. Basic flatbed trailers for sale are relatively inexpensive when compared to the price of trucks. Buying one can be a good investment if you often pick up lawn care jobs on the side or if you plan to start your own home improvement business.